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Welcome to my site,

I've been offering online kanun lessons for years now and they have been such great fun. I have met so many really cool students from all over the world and it is always a blast to sit down and talk with people that love music and want to play. I have limited space available, so if you're interested in signing up please contact me using the contact form. I look forward to meeting you and getting started!

Why Online Lessons?
YouTube/online tutorials can be wonderful learning resources, we certainly live in an age where we have such incredible access to information and there is some amazing free material out there. But, it can be a somewhat haphazard approach to learning. Tutorial videos don't actually listen to you play and point out how you can best improve. It is a great help to get real-time feedback on your playing, technique  and have someone to whom you can ask all the questions that you have.

Here is what you will need:

  • The latest version of Zoom/MS Teams application (available here)

  • High-speed Internet connection (min 10 Mbps)

  • Webcam/Microphone/Headphones

  • A Kanun!


I vary the lessons to suit your needs as everyone is at a different level and has different goals but here are some of the topics that I can cover:

- Kanun Lessons - Beginner to Professional

- Music Theory

- Repertoire (Songs and Instrumental Forms of the Turkish Music)

- Turkish Makams (Turkish Musical Modes)

- Usul (Special Rhythms) 

Book a free demo lesson right now and learn more about kanun!

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